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why us?

For over 65 years, Associated Architects has maintained its commitment to providing exceptional service to our clientele in both Arizona’s metropolitan and rural communities. We are proud to have been a part of Arizona’s architectural history and look forward to integrating our experience and knowledge into your projects.

Our history and experience in Arizona allow us to integrate your vision, along with your heritage and culture, into architectural elements that will provide a feeling of pride and excitement for your community and its children for generations to come.

At Associated Architects Inc. we believe that clients select and keep coming back to us because of our ability to design to the local heritage and culture, as well as offering a genuine and personal experience. This is what we can offer to all of our clients – a genuine and personal experience with just the right strengths and values to achieve a successful and meritorious project for your community.

A Good Listener: The first step in our Design Approach is Listening. We will listen to you so that your ideas and imagination, cultural and historical elements, and budgetary priorities will truly be the foundation of our design. We will integrate our knowledge and expertise to come up with the ‘perfect’ design, assuring we don’t over-design. We will collaboratively set priorities – from the most important features of your vision to verifying mechanical, electrical, and other systems with facilities personnel. The result will be a design that will aesthetically meet your vision while providing a flexible, yet economical solution.

Associated Architects Inc. strongly believes in staff development. Being a small firm, we strive to keep learning at every opportunity.

We are confident that our team’s talent and commitment to design positions Associated Architects in the forefront of our competitors.